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.Demo marks the debut of the Sacramento CA post-metal band, Decade of Statues.


released August 12, 2015

Dan Parker - Vox/Bass
Tyler Drinnen - Guitar
Dustin Lozano - Drums



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Decade of Statues Sacramento, California

Derived out of their love for Post-Metal & Instrumental Rock Comes DECADE OF STATUES. Founded by Songwriter / Guitarist Tyler Drinnen & Drummer Dustin Lozano in the Autumn of 2013. Vocalist/Bassist/Lyricist Dan Parker was welcomed to the fold in the spring of '14, adding simple but textural bass lines to the already uncompromising pallet of sounds. ... more

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Track Name: Primal Cough
Today is
The first day
Of the rest of our lives
Sand blasted skin
Weathered from time
Dig deeper inside
Grow to rise
The fire of deception burns our eyes
But we grow to rise
Track Name: The End is Nigh
The Nightmare started like any day
Except the sun was grey
Explosions broke the heart of day
Mankind's evil ways

The greatest misdirect of all time
Is to live so blind
Led to believe that all mankind
Has one thought in mind
While some fight for survival
Some for war
And once they have killed off all your poor
Who will fight your wars?

The end is nigh
The end is nigh, so repent!
Track Name: Time Wounds All Healing
Time wounds all healing
The scar remains the same
The song it always remains deranged
No amount of time could ever change the past
I mean time heals nothing

Whats the cost of death?
If I could just touch your face
Just to feel the comfort
Of your warm embrace
I'd sadly grin from poison taste
I mean GOD means NOTHING!

Track Name: Blessed Be the Damned
Pride comes just before the fall
Some would say "Fall to your knees and pray"
But no ones there cause no one cares
So how can you be saved

Heavy is the burden
For ye who wants your crown
If heaven hold the 'faithfully departed'
what holds me when I drown?

Blessed be the damned
Or blessed me...
Track Name: Welcome to the Fold
Everything is eventual
And this too shall past
Mother knows not whats best
When her boy starts sleeping with misery
Such a tragedy

Welcome to the fold
Won't you come inside
Your crooked smile says everything
To this twisted man

And these are the days you're dying
These are the days I'll die...